My CakePHP Developer’s Tools

Eclipse Editor for Java can also be used also for developing using other languages like PHP, Python, XML, HTML, Javascript, C, C++, etc … by extending its functionality by using plugins for PHP/CakePHP you can use PHP Eclipse.

After installing eclipse and PHP Eclipse plugin you have to setup

Eclipse for developing in PHP/CakePHP. You have to set some settings in Eclipse go to Window -> Preference then select PHPeclipse

under it set some environment variables.

You could also try NetBeans for PHP

For your debugging needs you can use FireBug to debug and monitor CSS, HTML, and JavaScript live in any web page and for debugging PHP use FirePHP for your model and controller and Krumo for debugging your views

By the way if you are going to use Firebug and FirePHP you have to use Firefox to view the variables. To know how to setup Firebug and FirePHP Click here or here

If your using MySQL for your database you can use SQLyog to access your database.

To make PHP Eclipse support syntax highlighting for .ctp files refer here

Another great tool for developing CakePHP webapps is DebugKit 1.1, it displays Session variables, displays beautifully the SQL Logs and also displays explain result for the queries, and more.

For the tutorial on how to setup DebugKit Click Here


3 Responses to “My CakePHP Developer’s Tools”

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  2. Hey man,
    Cool. I found this information very useful as it helped a lot to get the required tools to start with CakePHP. 🙂

  3. I would like to add Codelobster PHP Edition –
    It has special plugin to support CakePHP

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